Cast aside

Cast aside

In Money Worries by Natasha Parrott

I wonder if there has been any thought about the emotional well-being before making the decision to cast aside the human touch?

Reading such news sets me off on lots of thoughtful journeys – It makes me think of the little old lady that operated my last checkout.

She sure did like to talk whilst helping me with my shopping, I imagine this lovely lady used her work as a release and an opportunity to talk to others.

Is she lonely at home?

If she doesn’t have her job that she obviously loves, how will she spend her days? Will she spend them alone?

It makes me think of those people who have young families, the cost of young children is a costly one.

It makes me think of those people who have done nothing but show loyalty and commit themselves to their roles.

We are already seeing far to many people living hand to mouth, those who are trying endlessly to service all their commitments.

Is it just me that is having such thoughts?

From a business point of view, I get it, I get why a business decision would be made to Cast Aside the human touch, the lovely smile and gentle approach that you are greeted with at the checkout – To save money right?

Let me tell you, I have been lifted by one of these lovely people many a times when I’ve been having a tough day.

I could never imagine turning Consumer Money Worries into a system driven service, No way. You see, the personal and human touch is invaluable.

I wonder if there has been any thought about the emotional well-being before making the decision to cast aside the human touch for automated checkouts?

The Counselling Practice Matters released a very poignant article, here’s what they had to say about redundancy:
“There are lots of euphemisms for firing people – downsizing, outsourcing, rationalisation, organisational change, company review, restructuring and redundancy. Irrespective of which labels organisations use, people’s emotional reactions tend to be the same. Apart from the financial implications, job loss can mean a significant loss of identity and an individual’s self-confidence may be eroded. In addition a person may feel excluded from society.”.
The Counselling Practice Matters went on to highlight some of the trends of emotional impacts when being made redundant:
“Stress reactions to job loss vary. They may include:
• Crying openly
• Becoming withdrawn
• Breaking down completely
• Pretending nothing has happened, even to the extent of concealing it from partner/spouse/key family members
• Undergoing mood swings ‘up one day and down the next’”

Consumer Money Worries see these trends every day, we speak to those people who have resulted in turning to alcohol, gambling or are simply stuck in a trap of depression due to a loss of job.

I understand business acumen and practice, I understand the management of profit and loss – but was it really broke? Did it need fixing? Did the human touch really need to be cast aside and replaced with a lifeless ‘robot’?

Knowing where to turn

First of all, this incredible article may be very helpful for those of you who are about to face or are facing redundancy –

If you are struggling due to feeling lonely, you can talk to the Samaritans –

If you are of age and feel the Age UK could be of help, give them a call; please don’t suffer in silence –

If you are financially struggling and don’t know where to turn, like many other free services, Consumer Money Worries can and will help you. Even if you just need a little direction and an arm around you, please call us –

Help and support can also be given by

In conclusion, we see supermarkets make incredible profits year on year, was this model broke? Does it really warrant all of these people losing their jobs?

I believe that if we all rally around, we rise by building others and we provide a helping hand; one’s struggle will become a little lighter.

Author: Natasha Parrott

I am aware we will not be able to save everyone BUT if we can at least save 1 family, if those parents teach their children and so on for generations to come; we have achieved our mission.