“Don’t do that, do this”

“Don’t do that, do this”

In Money Worries by Natasha Parrott

Have you ever been pulled in different directions when trying to make a decision? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by conflicting information? Has the saying “Don’t do that, do this” ever left you at a cross roads?

Not knowing where to turn can often leave you in a state of despair, a state of panic and a sense of feeling alone.

The thing is, there are lots of great companies out there that can help and support with your Money Worries.

Companies that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, companies that are committed to giving you best advice. Companies that do not charge fees for advice and services, organisations like Consumer Money Worries.

Being told “Don’t do that, do this” or “don’t go there, go here” before knowing more about an organisation could delay you in resolving your money worries.

There are many free services out there that are committed to giving the upmost guidance and support. Some of these organisations may be privately run and funded organisations such as Consumer Money Worries and some may be registered charities, such as Money Advice Service.

Regardless of the organisations structure, the objective is still the same – To help, guide and support those that reach out for help.

Now, what I am not saying is that every company out there has the same ethics and values. I personally do not believe that there is any other organisation out there that is quite like Consumer Money Worries.

Doing your homework

What I am saying is, do your homework before choosing to instruct an organisation to help with your finances. Here are a few pointers:

1. Make sure the organisation is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to give you advice. You can do this by checking the FCA register, click here https://register.fca.org.uk/ShPo_FirmDetailsPage?id=001b000003U0lXlAAJ – this is what it should look like.
2. Look for genuine feedback and customer reviews. You can do that by checking http://www.reviews.co.uk as well as various other review sites.
3. Check the organisations website

“Don’t do that, do this”

Ultimately the aim is to get the help and support needed. Like Consumer Money Worries there are many organisations that offer free advice. Your task is to find the best and the right one to suit your needs and provide the ongoing support that you require.

Personally, its our dedication, support and compassion that sets us aside from the rest.

Author: Natasha Parrott

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