Don’t pay for YOUR financial information

Don’t pay for YOUR financial information

In Money Worries by Natasha Parrott

There are masses of websites nowadays that will source and provide you with useful personal financial information, covering anything from your credit score rating to the value of your property – Don’t pay for YOUR financial information. You can source if for free!

However there is often a catch. Perhaps a one off fee, or monthly charge to use their service, or you receive a ‘free’ month’ if you leave your credit/debit card details as a future payment method.

But did you know there are various sites available where you can access this information for free, without hidden catches?

Don’t pay for YOUR financial information

Here’s a few sites you may find useful.

Credit Check – ClearScore

ClearScore provides free lifetime access to your credit score, whatever your circumstances. No catch, no credits/debit card details required. It’s as simple as that.

Benefits and Entitlement – entitled to provides an online benefits calculator that will help you determine what you can claim from national and local government.

By using the online benefits calculators, users can determine whether they are receiving the right amount of money in their benefit claims, whether they are eligible for other types of benefits, as well as understand what their position will be as Government welfare reforms take effect.

Not understanding entitlement could be extremely costly, not just from a ‘bill paying point of you’ but also from a health and well-being point of view. I would urge you not to Don’t pay for YOUR financial information and check today.

House Price Estimate – Zoopla

Zoopla provides a guide price of a home on any given day, calculated using a secret formula that analyses millions of data points relating to property sales and home features UK wide.

Their algorithm looks at information on all 28 million UK homes, and data from multiple sources including the government, estate agents, surveyors and you.

Its accuracy depends on location and availability of data in an area. The more data available, the more accurate it is.

Car Valuation – Confused

For both buying and selling Confused’s free valuation tool gives you an up-to-date price based on the car and its mileage

Find out a car’s value, whether it’s being sold on the forecourt, as a private sale, or if it’s being traded in.

This free valuation tool gives a car’s price instantly. All you need to know is the car’s number plate, mileage and your email address.

Government Services – Gateway Portal

The Government Gateway is the website you use to register for online government services. It is an important part of the government’s strategy of delivering ‘joined up’ government, enabling people to communicate and make transactions with government from a single point of entry.

You will be able to:

  • Submit forms to government departments for the services for which you have enrolled.
  • Carry out some services by filling in online forms on government or private company websites.

Money Worries

Don’t pay for YOUR financial information – You can source if for free!

If you are suffering with money worries or simply struggling to manage your finances, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our Money Warriors are here for you, we are dedicated to providing you with a free and  hand-held service.

We pride ourselves on our incredible support network ; ensuring you do not live a life of financial despair alone.

Author: Natasha Parrott

I am aware we will not be able to save everyone BUT if we can at least save 1 family, if those parents teach their children and so on for generations to come; we have achieved our mission.