My name is Graham Catterall and I am a Money Warrior!

My name is Graham Catterall and I am a Money Warrior!

In Money Worries by Natasha Parrott

A quote that has always stuck in my mind…..’Work in a job you love and you will never do a day’s work in your life’. This is ultimately why I joined CMW last month, My name is Graham Catterall and I am a Money Warrior!

Previously I had spent over 20 years in various corporate sales role. On the whole I had enjoyed my career and had some great successes but in recent years it had started to take its toll on both my mental and physical health. I wasn’t enjoying it any more but needed to look after my family first and foremost, it was the money holding me to my career, nothing else.

I spent the first half of my life surrounded by financial difficulties and debt, and lived the devastating impacts this had on both my family and myself. On reflection this was driving my obsession with money through my career. Money was the driver rather than finding a career I genuinely enjoyed. It is clear Money was my comfort blanket.

I had reached a point in my life and where I needed to be true to myself and take a career path that led toward a role I genuinely enjoyed, where I could add real value and that linked in to my personal goals and passions.

Agreeing to join CMW was one of the biggest decisions of my life. It meant I would let go of my comfort blanket. But ultimately, I knew that it was time to be true to myself and listen to what my mind and body was also telling me. I have a supportive partner and three wonderful children, with their backing the decision was so much easier. Outside of work my life revolves around them and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My name is Graham Catterall and I am a Money Warrior! Here is What CMW Means to me

What brought me to CMW was the unconditional passion they have to support their clients. At CMW we live by our values to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and SUPPORT, and to bring accessible and sustainable solutions to our clients. No two client requirements are the same though, we listen to our client needs and develop solutions that will best deal with their challenges and difficulties. We support across all demographics and cover all levels of vulnerabilities.

If anyone is unsure of how we can help, how we can support with the pressure of being in debt and how we will provide you with impartial and best advice; take a look at what our clients think about us.

Going forward my role and goal is to ensure that anyone suffering with financial difficulties, whatever their circumstances, clearly understands where they can turn for immediate, impartial and sustainable advice.

It’s an exciting time to join the business. We’re growing our partnerships within the public, private and third-party sectors, ensuring we make our ever-evolving
support network accessible to those who need it. We are actively growing our need of Money Warriors to support our clients. If you share our values and passions for supporting our clients, then we would also love to hear from you!

My name is Graham Catterall and I am a Money Warrior!

Author: Natasha Parrott

I am aware we will not be able to save everyone BUT if we can at least save 1 family, if those parents teach their children and so on for generations to come; we have achieved our mission.