What is an IVA?

An IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement) is simply an arrangement with your creditors whereby you make one affordable payment to a qualified IP (Insolvency Practitioner), who then in turn distributes payments that have been agreed by your creditors. Depending on circumstances and income and expenditure your creditors can agree to write off part of your debt. Your new payment is then spread over 60 months then after this period you will be debt free.

During your IVA agreement period your creditors are not allowed to contact you. All you have to do is pay the minimum payment to your IP. The idea is that you write off a huge sum of debt, pay what you can afford, which enables you to get a hold of your finances. We will help educate, inspire and advise you on the best way to do this.

An IVA is comprehensively backed by Government Legislation to protect you the debtor, and the creditors. Together we can hit your debts head on and come to an arrangement that is beneficial for all. Get started now and see if you qualify. We can help you make a formal decision and help you decide if an IVA is the right choice for you.

You could qualify for an IVA if you answer yes to the following:

  • £4,500 or more in debt.
  • Have more than 2 creditors.
  • You have more that £70 disposable income per month after paying debts.




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